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what would this be an ad for?

what would this be an ad for?

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  1. neriahmair answered: hair dye?
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    The coolest band.
  4. frannyelle answered: a phone, or hair?
  5. christus answered: the gap
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  7. agentbigknob answered: the iPhone
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  9. ickyus answered: bach to school sales
  10. wintercheck said: grindr
  11. niikiibii answered: STARSCREAM!!!
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    fucking fashion models
  13. jimhasangerissues answered: sidekick 8
  14. raverush answered: Staying in school.
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  17. zebufur answered: i wish pete’s smile came mass-produced in a tub or something. this would be a good ad for that. i miss you guys. -greta
  18. jakefogelnest answered: backpackbuddies.com
  19. christotheconnelly answered: shampoo
  20. yogabugabu answered: maybelline
  21. fondregards answered: Salad?
  22. alontods answered: siri just got them to where they are going
  23. jenndlv said: Condoms.
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